Top 10 Reasons to Eat Cream-Top Yogurt

The yogurt aisle at most grocery stores can be almost overwhelming to the average consumer nowadays!  We thought we would take the opportunity this month to give you 10 reasons to eat cream-top yogurt.

Top 10 Reasons to Eat Cream-Top Yogurt
  1. Unique cup-set yogurt making technique.  This means our yogurt incubates in the container that it sold in. This technique allows our final product to taste quite different than other yogurt brands.
  2. Certified organic.  Why is this important? It’s simple; a happier cow means a higher quality product for you! Our milk comes from small Midwest farms that put an emphasis on feeding as much grass as possible to the cows.
  3. Minimally processed.  Our yogurt is batch pasteurized.  This process destroys the dangerous pathogens, but does not rid the milk of valuable bacteria that can benefit your body.
  4. Live cultures!  The live cultures found in our yogurt are S. thermophilus and L. bulgaricus.  These cultures are linked in the prevention of gastrointestinal infections, as well as in helping to boost the bodies immune system. In addition, these active cultures break down the lactose in milk, allowing lactose intolerant individuals to absorb the nutrients found in milk, without the side effects. Eating yogurt on a regular basis can do the body good!
  5. No artificial colors. 
  6. Non-homogenized.  It is because we choose to not homogenize our yogurt that creates our famous “cream-top”. Don’t fear the cream top!  It’s great in coffee, cereal, or just stirred back into your yogurt.
  7. High in protein and healthy fats.  We’re all about the healthy fats! Research shows that healthy fats are actually better at keeping you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer periods of time. Healthy fats also contain higher vitamin content as well as omega-3’s, which is partially due to our cow’s grass-fed diet. Not to mention the taste benefits!
  8. Versatile.  You can eat our yogurt plain, with your favorite mix-ins, or in your favorite recipe. It’s going to be good any way you scoop it.
  9. It’s delicious!  Well, at least we think so.  If all of the reasons listed above aren’t compelling enough, you can just enjoy our organic cream-top yogurt because it is truly scrumptious.