Kalona SuperNatural Eggnog hitting shelves now!


We bottled our first batch of eggnog this week for 2020!  No need to wait for the holiday to get your first taste!  It has a light feeling to the palate, but is creamy and delicious.


Want to make sure your store has it? Start Here with our Store Request Form.

  1. Richard, thanks for letting us know. We are having our sales team follow up on this issue.

  2. Would you kindly contact the Whole Foods Store in Hinsdale, IL? I’ve contacted them about the following issue, but they haven’t responded to me. They constantly run out of stock of your Kalona egg nog. They keep their Horizon brand in stock which costs $2 more per quart than Kalona ($5.99 vs. $3.99) . In addition, Horizon contains carrageenan in their ingredients which I can’t have because of health reasons. Your Kalona egg nog does not contain carrageenan. Hopefully, you will have better luck than me in reaching the Whole Foods Store. Their phone number is: (630) 986-8500 & address is: 500 E Ogden Ave, Hinsdale, IL 60521.

  3. Thanks Carolyn!

  4. Pete – let us know how we can help follow up with your local store. Send us their contact info at organic@kalonaorganics.com, or have them get in touch and we talk to them about carrying our eggnog next season.


  5. You make the most amazing eggnog. I suppose this is because it is gently pasteurized, isn’t thickened, and has a wonderful mix of spices. The other eggnogs are ultra pasteurized, pretty thick, and don’t have the array of spices yours does. I just went to my local co-op looking for some leftovers. Unfortunately, they are gone. I was informed that it didn’t sell well. The staff member who told me this also really liked your eggnog. They think it didn’t sell well due to lack of brand name recognition. At this point, they are not planning on selling it again since they said they needed to mark it down to half price to sell it. Perhaps you could send people out to promote your eggnog by having them provide samples in-store. I’m quite positive your eggnog would practically fly off the shelves.

    Hi Cheryl – thanks for your comment. What store do you shop at? Let us know, maybe we can help follow up so they carry our eggnog next season.

    Steve – Kalona Organics organic@kalonaorganics.com

  6. I was so looking forward to experiencing your egg nog again. Unfortunately our local grocer (in Anderson, IN)apparently decided not to carry it this year so my family and I are left wanting. Maybe next year. We drink nothing but Kalona milk because it tastes good and I am convinced itmismthe best available. If you have any solution to our being without Egg Nog, give me a shout.

  7. THANK YOU for making this delicious eggnog! Yours is the only eggnog without thickeners I’ve been able to find, and the lack of fake gooey-ness is just amazing. Eggnog doesn’t need to be any thicker than it already is, in my opinion. Cheers!

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