DIY Kids Smoothie Sticks

DIY Kids Smoothie Sticks

Busy Lives Call for Simple, Healthy Snacks

We’ve all done it. You’re on a road trip, your toddler is screaming because they’re hungry, and you give them overly-processed snacks. It happens! Next time you’re taking a road trip, try these DIY kid smoothie sticks. They contain healthy ingredients, are perfect for warm weather, and great on-the-go! Added bonus: They are very simple to make!

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Kids Smoothie Supplies

  • Popsicle bags- We used Zipzicle in this recipe
  • Kalona SuperNatural Organic Cream Top Yogurt (plain or vanilla, start with 1 cup, but have more to change consistency as desired)
  • Organic honey (to taste)
  • Frozen fruit (raspberries pictures, but you can use whatever fruit you enjoy!)
DIY Kids Smoothie Sticks, on-the-go

Homemade Smoothie Sticks

It couldn’t be more simple. Simply mix all ingredients in a blender and “voilá”! Feel free to add more or less yogurt and honey to get the mixture to the taste and consistency desired. If you’re blender jams up because of the frozen berries, feel free to add a bit of water! Use a funnel to fill the popsicle bags. Enjoy!

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