Our Buttermilk Just Got Better

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We weren’t sure it was even possible but it might be–our organic buttermilk just got even better!  Our new Organic Reduced Fat 2% Cultured Sweet Cream Buttermilk is now shipping!  The new product is produced the old-fashioned way—using sweet cream from our artisan butter making process.

Most commercially available buttermilk is produced by culturing only milk and does not include sweet cream from the butter making process. Jeffrey Adams, Creamery Manager, says, “Incorporating the sweet cream buttermilk allows us to not only improve the health benefits of our product but it is also more sustainable.  We now can use every drop of sweet cream buttermilk that is created when we produce butter.”

Mindy Seiffert, Kalona Organics Marketing Director adds, “We are excited to create a new & improved version of our buttermilk product. This organic, minimally processed product is delivered in the most natural state possible. It most closely mimics buttermilk that would have been created in kitchens years ago and that is what our customers expect and love about us.”

As an added customer convenience, Organic Reduced Fat 2% Cultured Sweet Cream Buttermilk is now available in a 16 oz. size as well as our standard 32 oz. package with suggested retail prices of $2.99 and $4.99, respectively.

For sales inquiries or product questions, please contact organic@kalonasupernatural.com or call 877-378-5990.

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