Whole Fed Homestead

Hello! My name is Crystal, and I’ve always thought I was born in the wrong time period- give me a wood-burning oven, spinning wheel, and butter churn, please! I have always desired to live close to the land. A quaint home, an orchard, a barn, a root cellar, and a garden bigger than most homes; this is the stuff my dreams are made of!

I grew up in the woods of Wisconsin building forts and catching bugs, climbing towering pines, and picking wild blackberries. I had always helped my parents in the garden, but it wasn’t until I learned to cook in college that I really started to appreciate the incredible food coming from our own backyard!

Now, I live with my fiancé Karl on our 19-acre homestead. We live off the land as much as we can, growing a large vegetable garden and a fruit orchard with everything from raspberries and elderberries to antique apple varieties, and more uncommon fruits like Aronia and seaberries. We grow mushrooms, nuts, medicinal plants, and even make our own maple syrup! We raise chickens and honey bees and have dreams of raising pigs and sheep one day. Since I don’t have my own milk cow, I’m really thankful for Kalona SuperNatural dairy products- especially the sour cream, it’s my absolute favorite!

It is really important to me to eat the highest quality, most nutrient-dense food that I can. When I’m not homesteading, I work as a Chiropractor. I have practiced Chiropractic with an emphasis on natural medicine for over ten years. It’s an incredible gift to be able to help someone struggling with their health, full of despair and feeling defeated, to become well again. Almost all of the extraordinary improvements I see in my office have come largely in part from helping people improve their diets. Seeing on a daily basis how diet plays such a profound role in our health led me to want to eat only the healthiest, most amazing food. Kalona SuperNatural dairy is something I feel really good about eating and recommending to others!

For me, growing my own food is grounding, it makes me feel connected and whole. And eating real food made from healthy ingredients is at the center of my life. I love to cook, and I love sharing our lives and recipes on Instagram and through my blog. I have always believed that eating better food and centering our diets around organic fruits, vegetables, pastured meat, and dairy, has the ability to change our world for the better- and this is what I hope to inspire!

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