Lowest-Temp Vat Pasteurized

#AlmostRaw | You’ll taste the difference.

Our Organic Milk is from grass-fed cows on small family farms that never use GMOs, herbicides or pesticides. Our milk is pasteurized at the lowest temperature allowed by law (NEVER Ultra-Pasteurized/Sterilized) and non-homogenized with a delicious cream-top.

*Our farms are “Verified Regenerative” by Land to Market which means our cows are grazed in ways that improve (not hurt) the environment.

Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic means to do far more than is required by the government – for the health of our animals, the planet and your family. Our herds free graze on organic grasses year round. Their movements rejuvenate the soil, water, and air. They create healthier milk with a natural goodness we protect through minimal processing in our creamery.

Beyond Delicious

Famous chefs, moms, and foodies alike know that when organic dairy isn’t pasteurized to extreme temperatures, smashed through homogenization, or distorted with additives it tastes better. Taste, texture, mouth-feel, smell – try it and you’ll experience the difference.

“Our family’s mission is to inspire passion for real food and the farms that produce it.”

– Bill Evans, Founder