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Maize and Honey

Hello! I’m Erica Lea. I’m a mom of three living in northern Minnesota (AKA The Frozen North).

Growing up, I got used to cooking for seven people (Dad, Mom, three sisters, one brother, and myself). My Dad was born right here in northern Minnesota. From him I get my love of different, interesting flavors and the willingness to try something new. My mom’s southern born: Kansas City, Missouri. From her I have learned how to cook simple, comforting food without using a recipe.

On Buttered Side Up I share recipes I have tried & modified (to be a tad healthier) and found to be delicious. My main focus is recipes with a healthy touch. You’ll find that I like to substitute organic unrefined ingredients quite often. But you won’t find that I skimp on good, natural fat. Butter > margarine.

To me, quality not only means a dish that’s delicious, but one that is nourishing as well. It is my belief that irresistibly scrumptious and healthy are not mutually exclusive. Admittedly, I sometimes splurge and eat/cook something totally unhealthy. But I try to keep things natural.

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What do you do when you’re stuck at home in the storm and somehow you have no butter??? 😱 Pull our the Kalona cream and make the wrong right!! Butter in less than FIVE! #butterisbetter #butterlove #pancakes #oldpathsmarket #kalonasupernatural
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Finally remembering to get this in here!  Oops!

So the flavor was awesome. I’ll probably reduce the amount of coconut flour next time because it was a bit too strong for my taste.  J and the girls loved it.  I knew the girls would though #becausecake but J liking it as much as he did surprised me.  Neither of us are huge dessert fans.

The chocolate was to die for. Seriously, we licked every bit of the pan, whisks, spatulas, everything! 😋

However, the custard didn’t have the texture I was hoping for and the cake was crumbly 😕 so I’m going to experiment with whey protein powder or gelatin for next time since it was moist but didn’t hold together properly. 👩🏼‍🔬 The custard is probably just operator error since it was my first time making it.  I’ll share the recipe once I get it right.

Either way, it was a huge hit and totally worth the extra time!

#ketocake #bostoncreampie #glutenfreecake
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It’s snowing outside and the holiday season has officially begun.
No, I don’t mean putting up the tree, lights, or decor yet. 🎄 🎅 💡 
I’m talking eggnog! 🧋 Quarts and quarts (and quarts) of #organiceggnog !
Anyone else with me?!
(Santa said it’s ok to drink from the carton when you’re the only one in the household drinking it, and it’s nearly gone in one sitting) 😆
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Back in the days in India we used to get so much Malai from milk that there would be plenty of jars full of ghee always available in my mom’s kitchen all the time. Before moving out from INDIA I had never tasted ghee other than homemade and after that only I realized how different store bought ghee tastes compared to homemade. I have always enjoyed a dollop of ghee on top Chapati, parathas, dals, khichdi, curries and where ever I could sneak some. 
Today’s agenda is to convert this container full of malai into liquid gold, Which takes me back to my childhood where my mom used to perform the whole task of turning malai into ghee and I have learned the process of making ghee from malai from her only. Some traditions never loose their importance and some practices never get too old. At our home we still make ghee from malai😊 though not get enough quantity required then in between where in need for extra ghee I would rescue to the kerrygoldusa butter 🧈 I have collected all this malai using kalonasupernatural cream on top non homogenized Whole milk. 
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Clarke’s helping out at his Grandpa’s Fudge and Ice cream store! 😍 #babyintern
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