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Hello! I’m Erica Lea. I’m a mom of three living in northern Minnesota (AKA The Frozen North).

Growing up, I got used to cooking for seven people (Dad, Mom, three sisters, one brother, and myself). My Dad was born right here in northern Minnesota. From him I get my love of different, interesting flavors and the willingness to try something new. My mom’s southern born: Kansas City, Missouri. From her I have learned how to cook simple, comforting food without using a recipe.

On Buttered Side Up I share recipes I have tried & modified (to be a tad healthier) and found to be delicious. My main focus is recipes with a healthy touch. You’ll find that I like to substitute organic unrefined ingredients quite often. But you won’t find that I skimp on good, natural fat. Butter > margarine.

To me, quality not only means a dish that’s delicious, but one that is nourishing as well. It is my belief that irresistibly scrumptious and healthy are not mutually exclusive. Admittedly, I sometimes splurge and eat/cook something totally unhealthy. But I try to keep things natural.

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