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Hey friends. I’m Jill – a recovering-CEO turned lifestyle blogger and clean beauty consultant. I live in Denver, CO.

My love of food runs deep. I’m usually cleaning up from one meal and thinking about what I’m going to make next. I read cookbooks for fun. I love trying new recipes, entertaining and (yes even) meal prepping. Now that I’m firmly ensconced in middle age, I’m always looking for ways to make something quick, healthy and delicious. I believe in eating REAL food. I discovered Kalona Supernatural more than five years ago and it’s the only dairy brand I like to use. I love that it’s organic, grass-fed, minimally processed and that it tastes great!

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Super easy whipped cream using the immersion blender. I use kalonasupernatural heavy cream, lakanto monk fruit sweetener and a splash of vanilla. Try it on fruit or in your coffee for a keto treat.  Have you made homemade whipped cream?  #dairyproud #ketodiet #grassfeddairy #sugarfreedessert #grownupksn
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I am now a person that bakes bread. It’s a flipping Christmas miracle. Actually it’s just this No Knead Bread recipe from pinchofyum that’s so easy even I can do it. Only 4 ingredients. No mess. The only “trick” is that you have to start the dough the day before you bake it.  Serve it with kalonasupernatural grass fed butter and thank me later. 😘 https://pinchofyum.com/no-knead-bread  #easybreadrecipe #homemadebread #kalonasupernatural #grownupksn
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Mashed potatoes aren’t just for Thanksgiving. Level them up with a splash of buttermilk and lots of organic salted butter. I used Yukon gold potatoes and left the skins on. Do you leave the skins on or do you peel? What’s your favorite mashed potato hack?  #grownupdishrecipe #kalonasupernatural #mashedpotatoes #organicdairy #grassfedbutter #jerf #foodbloggereats #grownupksn
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