Maize and Honey

Hello! We are Izzie and James Ford of Maize and Honey! Together we wanted a way to explore food and bring people together. Maize and Honey began as a mutual love of food, where it comes from, how it’s grown and our relationship with food throughout history.

It’s because of that passion for food and diary that I love using Kalona products for their commitment to dairy farmers, the cows, and the land that produce such excellent products. We enjoy trying new recipes, exploring different cuisines and challenging each other to try new things.

Our website, has an online cookbook and we can be found on most social media.

See How We Like to Use Kalona SuperNatural Here

How about some Pistachio French Toast to brighten up your morning using kalonasupernatural organic butter!

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Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner 🏈 Make sure your nacho game is on point! 
We are serving up these delicious carne asada nachos topped with ricosproducts nacho cheese, carne asada, chopped Roma tomatoes, kalonasupernatural organic sour cream, and sliced fresh jalapenos.

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Cooking with Kalona SuperNatural 🧈
Today we are making Lemon Curd 🍋 
Have you ever had lemon curd? What did you put it on?

½ tablespoon of lemon zest 
½ cup of lemon juice 
½cup of granulated sugar 3 eggs 
6 tablespoons of butter - here were using Kalona Supernatural organic unsalted butter 

Add the ingredients, except the butter, to a heavy pot.
Whisk to combine cooking over medium low heat, stirring constantly 
Once it's warm, add the butter 
As it thickens, cook until it starts to bubble. About 5 minutes 
Strain the curd and cool in the fridge.

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