Livestream Shows

Take a deep dive into The Organic Cooking Difference or meet some of the most interesting foodies from around the country during one of our livestream shows.

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What’s Up with MOO? (Held Daily)

An any-time, any-thing goes freewheeling broadcast where Sam gets to talk to interesting people and avoid doing other work. Let’s chat live whenever you are available 🙂

jill mcbride grown up dish

Conversations with Kalona (Monthly)

Join world famous Emily Baxter and special guests to talk about cooking with Kalona, intriguing recipes, and food culture. Held monthly


Are you a good cook and a great teacher who has a lot to share – but just lacks some technical skills. We can produce your show for you.

Meditation Mondays

Join Sam and the Cows for a chat about farms, animals, & the environment. Sometimes we just sit in the pasture and listen to them eat.

Workout Wednesdays

Lively discussion ranging from the health benefits of organic foods to controversial diets. We even workout sometimes. Cow, errrr, goat yoga anyone?

Learn about Kalona SuperNatural Non-Homogenized Dairy

FAQ Fridays

Farmer Phil, Chef Joe Miller, and other special guests answer your questions on farms, food, and Kalona SuperNatural families. Coupons for participants who join us on video.