It all started

In Kalona

Small Amish & Mennonite farms were in trouble. Multinational, conventional corporate giants were flooding the market with low priced GMO grain-stuffed milk. “We can do something,” said Bill Evans, and got a group of them together to build out a small creamery on Awesome Corner called “Farmers Creamery.”

Minimal Processing

“Let’s keep the milk as natural as possible,” said Bill. You’ve been drinking it that way for centuries.” “Sounds good to us,” said the farmers. Bill is no marketing guru, but he had an inkling consumers were tuning into the benefits of organic, minimally processed dairy.”

What does this mean?

Some dairy companies buy organic milk. Very few buy milk from grass-fed cows. But even the ones that do, then change the milk by Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) pasteurizing it, injecting it into antiseptic metal lined “shelf stable” containers, smashing the cream into millions of particles, and filling it with additives.


It’s actually cheaper and easier to provide mechanically and chemically altered milk than natural, fresh milk. And you know how big company executives answer to investors.

Slowly heated to 145 degrees Fahrenheith vs UHT (280 degrees!)

The cream separates to the top. Shake it for a richer mouth feel.

People really liked …

Cow to Family

We’d get a lot of phone calls, “The milk is great,” folks would say, “but can I make…” and they’d list a lot of other things. The answer was, ‘Yes” of course, but then we got to thinking, “We have the best milk, why don’t we use it to make the best butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir…?” and so on.

The only way these could be fresher is if you milked the cow and made them in your kitchen.

Our family’s mission is to inspire passion for real food and the farms that produce it.

– Bill Evans, Founder

Outside – The Old Cheese SHop

Inside – Store & Production

Kalona Creamery

It turns out, people loved our products so much other companies wanted to use our dairy in their products too! Everyone wants our Award Winning Butter. 

So we needed to expand and bought some old buildings from a former cheese company, renovated them, and renamed it the Kalona Creamery. 

It’s now where we make your favorite Cream-top Yogurt and fudge, ice cream, and our World Famous Squeaky Cheese Curds. Stop by and you can see them being made.

Things are Humming!

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Better Ingredients. Better Dishes.

The Cooking Difference

Of course all this hard work on ingredients ends up on your table as better dishes. “I did a test, ” said a classically trained French Baker, “The only thing I changed in my ingredients was the butter. Kalona’s, an Irish one, and a more conventional one. Everyone could tell the difference.”

Cooking up Conversations

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