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Organic Whole Milk Cottage Cheese

As the name suggests, cottage cheese was first made in the kitchens of country cottages using only the simplest ingredients such as non-homogenized milk, cream, and cultures. We are proud to follow this timeless tradition, and, as a result, our cottage cheese has a distinctively pure texture and full cheese flavor.

All Kalona SuperNatural™ cottage cheese meets these standards:

  • Non-homogenized
  • Grass-fed
  • Grade A
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher Certified
  • Made with Celtic Sea Salt®

We keep things simple. So you can too.


We start with organic milk from grass-fed cows on sustainable family farms. Once the milk is HTST pasteurized, enzymes are added to start the curd-making process. Over four to five hours, the curds continue to form inside the cheese vat.

Upon completion, the whey is removed and transported to a nearby processing facility. There, it is dried and converted to protein powder for use in other products. Then, the curds are cut, cooled, and moved to a new vat where the cottage cheese dressing is added.

Our whole milk cottage cheese is a blend of nonfat milk, cream, and Celtic Sea Salt®, an unprocessed whole salt that is hand-harvested on the Brittany coast of France. These salt farmers, in fact, have much in common with the dairy farmers who produce our milk: they provide food in its most natural state by using traditional farming methods that sustain the region’s environmental integrity.

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16 oz


Certified Organic Grade A Nonfat Milk, Organic Grade A Whole Milk, Organic Grade A Cream, Celtic Sea Salt®, Cultures (Mucor Miehei Protease).


  1. Anita Seward Gallé

    Kalona SuperNatural cottage cheese is the best, bar none! No added preservatives or thickeners — just milk, cream, and cultures — and you can tell the difference from the first bite. Kalona is a staple in our kitchen.

  2. Sandra Liceaga

    Yummm! It’s my favorite cottage cheese! I just had some yesterday with some mango that I cut into pieces and had them along side a lot of cottage cheese! I don’t mix them together on my plate but I do scoop them up together to eat! Yummm!

  3. Jurgita

    I just could not hold myself from not writing you and not encouraging you to maintain the quality of the products you have! I love your yogurt and your cottage cheese! I just want to let you know what a wonderful job you have done! Please keep it up! Please keep using minimal ingredients. To me, the fewer ingredients, the better the product. No added sugars, no natural or artificial flavorings, no preservatives… I know companies, as they go for more business, want to increase their sales and turn to the wrong path losing quality of the product by adding ingredients that take away from the flavors of products in their natural state. Those who appreciate natural foods will stay loyal to you forever. Like me.

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