Our milk starts on…

Family Farms

About 60 of them, mostly in Kalona, Iowa but a few in Bloomfield, Missouri and Illinois. These small farms with an average of 35 cows per herd are owned mostly by Amish and Mennonite families for generations.

That are special…

Ecological Oasis

Surrounded by conventional farms, our farms’ are ecological oasis that rejuvenate soil, protect watersheds, and store carbon. You can see it happening.

going beyond

USDA Certified Organic Standards

Getting organic certification wasn’t a big deal for our farms. After all, they’d been using mostly organic practices for generations.

Pasture Grazed


Better for Cows

To be certified organic, cows must be grazed on pasture for a minimum of 120 days per year. Our farmers go beyond this organic standard.

Even in winter, cows continue to be grass-fed, eating organic grasses, forage and vegetables grown on their families’ or community members’ organic farms. 

This is good for the health of our animals and your family.

From Farm to Family

Our farms do such a great job producing delicious natural milk that we take care to not mess it up with too much processing. At our creameries, our milk is NEVER ultra-pasteurized or homogenized.

Better Ingredients. Better Dishes.

101 Dairy Recipes

Classically trained chefs at the best midwestern restaurants know. Moms know. Anyone who loves food knows that real food ingredients means more interesting cooking and better tasting dishes. Ask our friends and chefs why.

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Cooking up Conversations

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“Our family’s mission is to inspire passion for real food and the farms that produce it.”

– Bill Evans, Founder