3 Reasons Our Milk Tastes Better

We hear this all the time, “I love your milk. It tastes so delicious! It reminds me of when I grew up on our farm!”
But, do you know WHY our milk tastes different – better – than other organic dairy companies’ milk?

#1. Other organic milk producers use high temperatures, rapid pasteurization which kills the helpful bacteria that our bodies need – and affects the taste!

Our fluid milk, butter, and cream top yogurt are batch(vat)-pasteurized. In this process, milk is pumped into a temperature-controlled vat and heated slowly to ~145°F. It’s held there for a minimum of 30 minutes, cooled, and packaged. It retains the natural bacteria and vitamins that are healthier for us.

Other organic companies are increasingly heating milk to 280 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s, way hotter than boiling water. This kills just about everything in the milk – harmful and healthy – including vitamin content and bacteria that is good for “gut” health – and flattens the taste.

Their process also caramelizes the sugars making it sweeter. Many of our customers prefer our milk because they want their children to develop a more sophisticated taste palate that isn’t addicted to artificially sweet and sugary flavors.

#2. Other organic dairy producers use a mechanical process to break down the fat in milk which flattens the texture and flavor. 

This process is called “homogenization” in which milk is forced through tiny holes at up to 14,500 pounds per square inch of pressure! Historically, consumers rejected homogenization because they couldn’t tell whether they were getting a decent amount of fat in the milk. Apparently, some unscrupulous dairymen would skim off some of the fat to make higher profit margin butter or ice cream, leaving the milk drinker short a few percents.

We do not homogenize our milk so it is in the most natural (and legal) state and the high-fat cream rises to the top. You can see this easily in our unique shaped, clear bottles. In fact, while other organic dairy producers tightly control the fat content, limiting Whole Milk to 3.5%, our milk cream percent can be much higher. This is another reason award-winning restaurants, foodies, and baristas love our milk. What you will notice immediately is that the flavor is richer and has a silky texture. 

#3. Other dairy farms may meet “organic certification standards” but their processes and land are often not nearly as natural and pure.

Our certified organic milk comes from pasture-raised cows on small Amish and Mennonite farms. The average herd is 35 cows and much of the work is still done by hand. Many of these farms – most of which are on about 90 tillable acres – have been in the same family for 150 years and have never been touched by chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. You’ll taste the difference.


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