8 Ways to Eat Kefir

What is kefir?

In short, kefir is a tart, refreshing beverage that is packed with vitamins, minerals and beneficial probiotic bacteria, similar to a drinkable yogurt!

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8 Ways to Eat Kefir

  1. Drink it! This is probably the most common and simple way to eat kefir. Just grab your preferred flavor and drink up this yummy probiotic beverage!
  2. Pour it over your cereal just like you would milk. Kefir makes a great tangy and tart base for your breakfast!

  3. Mix it in a smoothie! Do you typically use yogurt as a base for your smoothies, we go for the extra probiotics and use kefir instead. Simply blend your smoothie the exact same way your would normally, but substitute your yogurt or milk with kefir.
  4. Make a parfait! Take your favorite granola, pour a layer of layer of kefir on top, and then top with your favorite fresh fruit. Enjoy!
  5. Bake with it! There are loads of recipes from bread, scones, waffles that you can make with kefir. Also, you can substitute kefir for buttermilk in most recipes.
  6. Cook with it! Not only can you bake with kefir, but you can use it to cook as well. Try the plain kefir in your favorite soup, mashed potatoes, or your favorite dip recipe.
  7. Make your own salad dressing. Kefir can act as a delicious, tart base for a creamy dressing. Simply take your favorite salad dressing recipe and calls for yogurt or buttermilk, and use the kefir instead!
  8. Probiotic ice cream! What more do we need to say? If you’re looking for a healthier spin on your favorite treat, find a recipe online that uses plain or vanilla kefir and enjoy.

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