A SuperNatural Culture: What Makes our Yogurt Different

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When we rebranded all of our products to Kalona SuperNatural, we received tons of email from fans of Cultural Revolution, our original yogurt brand. They were worried that their yogurt – so different from any other on the shelves – had disappeared. We knew our product was unique in the United States, but had no idea it had garnered so many fans in its short time on the market.

Today, our yogurt is one of the most talked about topics on our Facebook page. Here’s some of the great comments:

Reminds me of my first yogurt many years ago in Switzerland long before it was available in the US.

Had some yogurt today, love it absolutely love it. Low calories, low in carbs and low in sugar. Just the right sweetness without going over the top. Will be buying more tomorrow.

The Hy-Vee here just started carrying your strawberry yogurt and it’s delicious! Keep up the great work…

My husband can’t get enough of the yogurt and I love the milk! The package design drew us in and the quality of the product made us loyal customers. Thanks to Whole Foods for stocking this product at the store on Lake in Forest Park IL.

‎{{{{{hea-ven}}}}}}}… I’m in {{{{{{hea-ven}}}}}}}… I just had your amazing yogurt for the first time…

What makes Kalona SuperNatural Yogurt different?

Most people notice right away that the texture is completely different from anything they’ve seen in US supermarkets.  As one of our customers said, “After getting back from an extended stay in France, I started searching for an American yogurt that didn’t taste like pudding.”

Sticking to our SuperNatural philosophy, we add no stabilizers or gelatin to the yogurt to thicken it. We don’t whip it to smooth out the natural marbled texture of the cultured milk and we add no artificial colors. We let nature do that work for us.

What’s cool (we think) about our yogurt is that the consistency – and sometimes even the color – changes throughout the year as our cows eat what some would call a seasonal diet.

Ain’t that sweet?

Not really. Not only do we skip the artificial colors, but we also add less fruit (and natural sugars) so that you can taste the yogurt. That’s kind of the point, right? A typical yogurt has 20-35 grams of sugar. Ours has 7-12 grams per serving.  Some of our most loyal fans swear their “taste buds have been transformed” after transitioning from the super-sweet taste of the highly processed yogurts, to the supernatural taste of ours.

So what if it tastes great?

Yogurt is one of the original health foods! There is evidence dating back to 2000 B.C. citing yogurt as a remedy for stomach ailments. It didn’t make it to the States until some years later – around 1908 – when it was made available in tablet form for tummy troubles.

We know a lot more about it’s health benefits today. Yogurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Lactose-intolerant? You can typically eat yogurt with no side-effects, as much of the lactose in the milk is converted to lactic acid by the bacterial culture.

And something a lot of moms and dads already know, yogurt is a mechanism by which kids – even picky eaters – can be convinced to consume something healthy!

How about you?

We want to know why you like our yogurt! What flavors are your favorite and which ones would you like to see. Have you tried Kefir before? Find it near you!

Thanks as always for your support and love for our products!

28 thoughts on “A SuperNatural Culture: What Makes our Yogurt Different

  1. mindy says:

    Hi Jennifer, we manufacture our yogurt in Wisconsin. This is noted on our packaging. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Jennifer Stewart says:

    I’ve just finished my first 24 oz. tub of your plain 2% milkfat yogurt. I enjoyed its “milky” flavor and its looser texture. I was hesitant to purchase in the first place, however, because nowhere on the carton does it say where it was produced. I try to buy products that are raised closer to home, rather than ones that make a transcontinental trip to my local market. I’m wondering why your packaging does not say where the contents were produced.

  3. Margaret Gaynor says:

    Today I tried this yogurt for the very first time. I cannot believe how wonderful this product is! It is soooooo yummy! Knowing that this yogurt is low in sugar makes it even better! I will never buy any other brand again! Absolutely Delicious!!!

  4. Javier Salinas says:

    About your great delicious, pure milk I use it to make home-made kefir with kefir grains and it was delicious!! Also noticed a difference that that milk made in my kefir: I usually used commercial whole milk (I suppose more water than milk in the bottle) and it was a very liquid kefir, with Kalona milk the kefir was thicker like if it was a cheese milk.

  5. mindy says:

    Abbey, thanks so much for passing along the great feedback! We agree on the packaging but aren’t sure either:-)

  6. Abbey says:

    I have been buying your 2% Plain yogurt for some time, and we love it. I use it in my peanut butter, banana smoothies every day, and you yogurt far surpasses the taste of all others. The ONLY brand I’ll buy. I love the cream on top, and what made me buy it to begin with is that it is organic. I refuse non-organic dairy products. Now, what would complete the fairy tale? Non-plastic containers, though I have no idea how you’d do that. Thanks for the superb product!

  7. mindy says:

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the feedback/ideas! Although our current yogurt is formulated to be low in sugar already, we have discussed using other sweeteners but at least for the near future, we will stay the course with organic sugar.
    Thanks again!

  8. Kim Johnson says:

    I would love to see a kefir from Kalona, and would also love to see sweeteners like LoHan and stevia used in your yogurt/kefir

  9. James says:

    Please make a yogurt line sweetened with only stevia and fruit or stevia and vanilla. Stevia tastes so good now a days–no need for cane or agave products.

  10. steve says:

    So sorry for the late reply on this, we just saw your post now! Don’t eat the runny ones. Take them back to the store or let us know and we will send you a coupon for a replacement.

  11. Susan says:

    It took me a couple of tries to learn to love the texture of your yogurt – a bit runnier and marbled. Now I can’t eat any other kind! I especially love the layer of cream on top – oh myyyyyy! Please don’t ever stop making the peach flavor – I eat it 5 days a week.

  12. A says:

    I love your yogurt- especially the peach! Lately I have noticed an inconsistency in the amount of yogurt in each cup. I just opened one that is half full. Is it ok to eat them?

  13. Beth Penland says:

    Hi Polly! Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Without the stabilizers and gelatin, the yogurt takes on it’s most natural form. It’s not for everybody, but we hear a lot from fans of European and Asian yogurts, who love it – and from those who are trying to limit their intake of processed foods as well.

  14. Polly from North Carolina says:

    I am trying your Super Natural Organic Strawberry Yogurt for the 1st time. I see there are no stabliers, etc in it. It’s the thinnest yogurt I’ve ever eaten and I had to really stir it to get it mixed up and not
    be so water like. I am wondering if this is the way it’s suppose to be or am I going to get sick.
    The batch is 1655-10-28-11Y2E3

  15. Lyn from Oregon (the State) says:

    I’ve been eating your plain supernatural yogurt every day since I arrived in Wisconsin for a business trip: it is absolutely the best I have ever found! I’ve suggested that my local co-op source it, since it is not available in the State of Oregon yet (so sad!). Thank you for an amazing product!

  16. Beth Penland says:

    Hi Cindy, yes we changed the culture used in our yogurt in late May / early June, which impacted our processes to some degree. The yogurt sets up in the cups they ship in, so we did not know of the inconsistency until several batches had already made it to store shelves. We have corrected the process and the issues since. Check our coupon page for your next trip to the store!

  17. Minnesota Cindy says:

    I eat a LOT of your yogurt. Like five 24-ounce containers a week. (Usually with frozen blueberries. Yum!) But over the past several weeks, it seems like the consistency has changed. I’ve always liked the kind of lumpy goodness of your product, but now it seems like it’s been spun smooth. It still tastes OK, but I miss that marbled texture. Is is gone forever?

  18. Beth Penland says:

    Hi Elizabeth, no corporate takeover – we’re still the same small creamery! There was, however an issue with the culture we used in our yogurt, specifically on containers labeled with a sell by date of 7/2. We have since replaced the culture and the yogurt should be back to regular standards! Please visit our coupon page, and try our products again!

  19. Elizabeth LAbate says:

    We loved Cultural Revolution because of its lower sugar content and fresh, natural fruit flavor, and GREAT name/branding. With the name change there seems to be a quality change as well, with inferior ingredients and fake flavor. We no longer like any of the fruit flavors…was there a corporate takeover?

  20. Karthik says:

    Finally, a yogurt that tastes like REAL yogurt from back home, India, where this is called curd and is part of our staple diet. Every other yogurt here in the States is beyond sad, and when I finally found Kalona, I must say that was one of the happiest moments I’d had in the six months I had been in the US when I discovered Kalona! Thank you!!!

  21. Beth Penland says:

    Hey Christina – absolutely. Our yogurt is made from the same milk as our other products!

  22. Brooke Denison says:

    Would love to have Kefir from Kalona SuperNaturals! If you need to experiment on people…I’m in, even willing to drive to Kalona to get it!

  23. Jeffrey Erwin says:

    Thanks for the real yogurt! In Baltimore I liked a the “Hawthorne Valley” brand, unavailable here in WI, but yours is as good or better!

  24. Christina says:

    Hi 🙂 I am a big fan of your milk and whipping cream. Can you please confirm if your yogurt made with grass fed milk?? Thank you!

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