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We often hear from consumers that our cottage cheese is life changing, well we can’t prove that, but we can now officially say we have ‘Award-winning cottage cheese!’ In October we entered our cottage cheese in the World Cheese Awards contest held in Bergen, Norway. We’re extremely proud to announce that our lowfat cottage cheese took bronze in the cottage cheese category!

What are the World Cheese Awards?

Cheese brands from 6 continents entered their products in the World Cheese Awards contest. The judges rank on appearance of the rind, body of the cheese, color, texture, consistency and, of course, taste. 

Why Choose Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese?

We didn’t set out to have award-winning cottage cheese, but that happened as a result of our commitment to bring you dairy products in the most natural state possible! Kalona SuperNatural organic cottage cheese is made with pasture-grazed cows’ milk, Celtic Sea Salt, and cultures. No gums, stabilizers or additives needed. Just clean and pure cottage cheese.

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