Chef Rick Bayless Uses Kalona SuperNatural Organic Dairy

When Chef Rick Bayless called called Kalona SuperNatural organic milk the “real deal” in a Frontera Grill Facebook post we were thrilled.

He and his restaurants are renown for delicious food made from ingredients from local sustainable farms. He’s written 9 cookbooks, received an Emmy nomination for Mexico – One Plate at a Time, and received many awards.

You can spend hours on learning about Mexican culture and cuisine.

“The cloud-like appearance of fresh-made queso fresco in the Frontera kitchen, made from @kalonasupernatural grass fed organic milk. The real deal.”- Chef Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill, Facebook Post, Jan 26, 2022.


One of the things we love most is the work he does to support small midwestern farmers through the Frontera Farmer Foundation, new chefs via Impact Culinary Training, and his restaurants’ focus on sustainability.

We drama kids also appreciate the Bayless Family Foundation’s support for theater organizations. 🙂

If you are as obsessed with real food, supporting small farms and the environment as we are, please explore Chef Rick Bayless’ social media accounts and website.

There is a lot there that will delight and assist you, small farms, and the planet.

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Chef Rick Bayless Mozerella Cheese at Frontera Grill

And, of course, if you are ever within a few hours of Chicago or even in O’Hare (Tortas Frontera), a visit to one of these restaurants is well worth the trip!
Frontera Grill
Xoco Bar
Tortas Frontera
Frontera Cocina

My wife’s family is originally from Mexico so she knows great Mexican cuisine and loves them all..though it’s gotten harder to go because farms, kids, etc…

Have you been to one of these? We’d love to hear about your trip.

Do you know of another chef, restaurant, or coffee shop that uses our products that we should feature?

If you do, please let us know!

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