Why Choose Full-Fat Dairy Products

full-fat dairy

Low-Fat vs Full-Fat Dairy

In the 1980s-1990s, the macronutrients in high-fat dairy products turned consumers against fat. Today, nutrition experts are saying full-fat dairy should have a place at the table. (1) Keep reading to learn about the benefits and why you should choose full-fat.

Staying Lean

Fat doesn’t make you fat. In fact, those who choose full-fat dairy, tend to be leaner than those who choose low-fat options. (2) If the fat is removed, other ingredients are added. This can result in higher amounts of sugar and fewer nutrients. Whole fat is packed with nutrients that help you stay fuller, longer. This slows down your body’s release of sugars and prevents overeating.

Health Benefits

New research also shows many health benefits of full-fat products. It can lower the risk of diabetes, calm the digestive tract, and decreases the chance of heart disease. (2)

Best Dairy Foods

It’s important to keep the right portion of all foods. It’s also a good idea to stick to organic dairy foods to avoid added hormones or antibiotics. Here’s a list of the best high-fat dairy foods for your diet.

Why Choose Kalona SuperNatural

We know you’re committed to providing the very best dairy for you and your family. We are too! Kalona SuperNatural milk is non-homogenizes and pasteurizes at low temperatures. If it seems simple, it is!

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