100% Grass-fed Kefir Distribution Expanding

Grass-fed Kefir

Have you been waiting for our kefir? The wait is over! Our 100% grass-fed kefir is available in the Midwest and Southern California! Kalona SuperNatural organic kefir is great smoothies, or as a tasty probiotic drink!

Why Drink Kefir?

Kefir is packed with probiotics! These probiotics increase the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Kefir has shown to reduce inflammation and aid in weight loss. It has also been used to promote better bone health (BBC Good Food).

When will Kalona SuperNatural Kefir be available in my region?

As we expand distribution on our kefir line, we appreciate your patience and loyalty to our brand. Kefir is coming soon to the Southwest, Rocky Mountain, and Northern California regions. We can’t wait to bring our grass-fed kefir to you!

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