Make it a Healthier New Year

To kick off 2019, many will set resolutions hoping to make this year better than the last. Although many of these fizzle out by February, we encourage you to consider self-care this year and here are a few small things you can do throughout the year!

Healthier new year

Holistic Self-Care for a Healthier New Year


About 80% of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer than six weeks. This is because they don’t enjoy the “new” lifestyle. (1) But what if one simple action was all you had to do? Start choosing organic foods over conventional items, including dairy! By choosing USDA certified organic food, you are choosing products that are grown and processed organically, made of approved ingredients, and USDA verified. They are also free of GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics!

Kalona SuperNatural organic products are among the most natural dairy products on the market. That’s because we do less—not more—when it comes to our food. The milk used in our products comes from small Amish and Mennonite family farms. And we deliver them to you in the most natural state possible.

Minimally-processing our products means they look different and taste better! We don’t homogenize our products, so a delicious cream layer will form on top. This is the true sign of milk in its natural state. This cream is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it’s easier on the digestive system. Also, pasteurizing dairy at low temperatures allows the farm fresh flavor to shine!

So if eating healthier is one of your new year’s resolutions, choose certified organic foods and, of course, Kalona SuperNatural dairy!


While the exercise part is up to you, recovering is where we can help! Post-workout protein is vital to feed your muscles the necessary fuel to grow and improve. Aim for 20-50 grams of protein after each workout depending on your bodyweight. Most women will do fine with 20 grams, while men should aim for more. (2) A half cup of our whole milk cottage cheese contains 15g of protein. One cup of our chocolate milk contains 10g of protein. A delicious cup of chocolate milk may be the incentive you need to finish that workout every day!


We know it and you know it. Connecting our body, mind and spirit can be an essential part of self-care! This year we encourage you to practice breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga! Mindfulness can increase self-awareness allowing you to focus on the other aspects of self-care!


One piece of the financial picture is grocery shopping! It’s no surprise that prices are higher for organic than conventional products. (3) People often feel frustrated when they want to eat healthy, but are on a budget. When you’re shopping, we encourage you to get to know the products you’re purchasing. Make sure that your money is being spent on the most nutritious, highest quality products available. If you choose Kalona SuperNatural, be sure to look for our on-pack product coupons!

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