how to make kefir

How to Make Kefir



  • 2 clean quart jars (Rinse well, soaps and cleaners will damage the grains)
  • 1 clean pint jar (Rinse well)
  • A plastic, nylon or stainless steel strainer
  • A clean cloth, coffee filter or paper towel and a rubber band
  • 2 lids for storing the Kefir and the Kefir grains
  • Kefir Ingredients
  • 2 cups Kalona SuperNatural Organic Milk of your choice
  • 13 Tbls. Kefir Grains (You can get grains from a friend that is making Kefir or online through a reputable source)


Put 2 cups of Kalona SuperNatural milk into your quart jar. Stir in your Kefir grains and place the coffee filter or clean cloth over the top of your jar and secure with a rubber band. Let this sit out on your counter away from direct sunlight and from heat for 12-48 hours. The timing will depend upon how warm it is in your home. Stir the grains a couple of times during fermentation. When you see the milk becoming thicker, it is time to strain the grains from your Kefir into another clean quart jar. This is your drinkable Kefir.

Next, place your grains back into a clean pint jar and pour fresh milk over the grains and place into your refrigerator. This is to give the grains nourishment and a rest while you drink your Kefir.

When ready to make more Kefir, take the grains that have been stored in the refrigerator and strain off the milk they have been resting in. Repeat the process from the beginning of my instructions. The grains will multiply so you can give some to your friends!