Iowa Organic Dairy Farms in the Winter

Organic Dairy Farms in Winter

Many people often wonder what happens on our small organic dairy farms during the winter. Winter on these small, family farms is no walk in the park. The cows still must be milked, fed and cared for, but the families are doing this in the harsh winter weather!

All of the farms that we work with are USDA Certified Organic which means that cows must have outdoor access all year long. Though on extremely chilly days, many of these dairy cows choose to stay warm inside the barn.

Preparation in Key

Not only do the cows need cared for, but our producers do a lot of planning and organizing to prepare for the next grazing season. This can be anything from planning what crops to plant, reorganizing the farm, budgeting and negotiating with their farm liaisons.

Learn more about what the cows on our farms do in winter by watching the Phil in the Fields video below!