Have Yourself a Minimally-Processed Holiday

Processed foods. They’re everywhere, especially around the holiday season! Below are 5 simple ways you can avoid processed foods this holiday season.


Have yourself a minimally-processed holiday!

1) Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

One of the simplest ways to avoid processed foods is to shop the perimeter of the store. Typically fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy are all located on the perimeter of the store!

2) Use Substitutes

The holidays are a great time to try a lighter version of your favorite recipe. For example, Kalona SuperNatural Plain Greek Yogurt can be used as a substitute for sour cream and cream cheese. Love pumpkin bars with that ooey-gooey cream cheese frosting? Try substituting the cream cheese for plain Greek yogurt 1:1.  Also, there are many other whole, unprocessed grains like quinoa that can be used to replace rice in your favorite side dish!

3) Avoid Boxes, Bags and Cans

When doing your holiday shopping, avoid the boxes, bags and cans you will find in the middle of the store. Need beans for your Great Grandma’s green bean casserole dish? Try finding fresh green beans or use frozen before opting for the canned option. Boxed, bagged and canned goods typically are packed with extra, unnecessary preservatives that can be avoided by purchasing fresh produce.

4) Go with the Unbleached

Who ever said bleached white flour was better? This year choose something a little less processed and go with the unbleached for your favorite bread or those decadent desserts.

5) Keep the ingredients list to under 5

We know that checking the ingredients list can be daunting at times, but if you have the ‘5 ingredients or less’ mindset, it makes weeding out the processed items much easier. Many of the products that have lengthy ingredients list include gums, stabilizers, carbohydrates and multiple types of sugar in their products. Stick to products that are clean, like Kalona SuperNatural, that only have a few, easily identifiable ingredients.  

Have yourself a minimally-processed holiday!