New Look for Kalona SuperNatural Products

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New Look for Kalona SuperNatural Products

That’s right! Kalona SuperNatural products have a fresh new look. Don’t worry, they are still the same great products you’ve grown to know and love!

So what’s different?

We’re glad you asked! Our new labels make it very easy to identify the product you are picking up. No more grabbing 2% milk when you wanted whole. Careful label readers will also notice we brought our main product attributes to the front. Not to toot our own horn, but we made it easier to see what makes our products unique on the front panel. You will clearly see callouts about our pasture-grazed cows, small Amish and Mennonite family farms, and delicious cream top!

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We’re feeling refreshed!

Our label refresh has us inspired! We are busy creating Kalona SuperNatural campaigns, marketing materials, and a refreshed website. Speaking about our website, have you seen our handy new store locator tool? This is a great way to easily find Kalona SuperNatural products near you!

Speaking of new → Check out our fresh cheesemaking kits!

You heard right! Now it is easier than ever to make fresh cheese from the comfort of your own home. Our cheese kits include everything you need to make fresh cheese. Each kit includes instructions, cheesecloth, thermometer, rennet, citric acid, and cheese salt. You’ll also find a coupon for our milk or cream!

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