Organic is Not Enough

You love everything about organic dairy – and the special health benefits and moments it creates for your family. But, you are worried about whether it’s good for the animals and environment that produce it. 

You feel like maybe organic doesn’t necessarily mean “natural” or “raw” or “whole.” You worry that just the “organic” label isn’t enough.

Kalona SuperNatural goes “Beyond Organic” in these ways:

1. Beyond Organic – Dairy Farming

Our milk comes from about 65 small family farms, not giant corporate farms. Herd sizes on our farms are as small as 9 cows – not 2,000. They graze on pasture on organic grasses as much of the year as possible, rather than being stuffed into large barns year-round.

Most of the farms we get our milk from are owned by Amish and Mennonite families and have been in the same families for generations. Their land has been unspoiled by herbicides, pesticides and GMOs. For up to 150 years, these farms have been using organic practices before anyone came up with any “organic certifications.” 

Because the land will stay in their families for generations – rather than being sold to some billionaire “you know who” – they are very concerned about the long term quality of the soil and the biodiversity of plants, insects, and animals that live on the farm. 

Stewardship is an important idea for our farmers and the reason for their interest in regenerative farming methods.

2. Minimal Processing of Organic Dairy

Many organic foods on the market are still heavily processed. We keep our products as much as “nature intended them to be” as possible.

We pasteurize our milk at the lowest temperature allowed by law – a reason so many folks who prefer raw milk like ours so much.

This is very different from many organic dairy companies who are increasingly UHT sterilize their milk at 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

We also do not “homogenize” our milk so it retains it’s natural cream-top. Anyone who has grown up on a farm knows how wonderful and creamy the taste of cream-on- top milk can be.

We try not to add anything to our other cultured products that doesn’t need to be there – except we do add Celtic Sea Salt to our cottage cheese and salted Butter. 

We just couldn’t resist doing that and if you’ve ever tasted Celtic Sea Salt you’ll know why 🙂


It is far easier and more profitable to heavily process milk. Your purchase of Kalona SuperNatural products is a vote for small farms, for healthy ecosystems, for the health of our cows and families.