National Organic Month: Organic Means Non-GMO

Happy National Organic Month!

To celebrate National Organic Month, we will be sharing why we believe the USDA certified organic seal is the gold standard. 

Are Kalona SuperNatural™ products GMO-free?

National Organic Month Chart Organic=Non-GMO

We commonly receive this question from our consumers and frankly it puzzles us! All Kalona SuperNatural™ products are USDA certified organic, which, by definition, means no GMOs. We can understand why this has been confusing.

The Non-GMO Project has done a tremendous job educating the public about the issues related to GMOs, and we fully support their efforts. Unfortunately, consumers often believe that the only products that are non-GMO are those with the Non-GMO Project seal. But that is not the case.

The national organic standards have always prohibited the use of GMOs. The USDA certified organic seal guarantees that the product has been produced and processed in accordance with rigorous standards, which include a prohibition on the use of GMOs.

Be sure to thank those organic farmers who work hard 365 days a year to provide us with products that are healthy for our families and healthy for the environment!

It’s simple. Just remember: Certified Organic = Non-GMO!