Protein-packed Organic Yogurt Parfaits available during RAGBRAI 2014

Kalona OrganicsTM, makers of the Kalona SuperNaturalTM brand, and Slipstream Organics are teaming up to support the 42nd Annual RAGBRAI ride across Iowa. These two local companies are showcasing their products for riders and families during the duration of RAGBRAI 2014.

The parfaits feature Kalona SuperNaturalTM Organic 2% Vanilla Cream-Top Yogurt.  This organic yogurt is produced with milk from grass-fed cows from local and sustainable farms. The toppings to the parfait include organic granola from Slipstream Organics and Midwest-sourced, antioxidant loaded blueberries. The granola is expertly crafted and seasoned, chock full of protein. Combined, this yogurt parfait is perfect for every cyclist after a long day of riding.

“We are extremely excited to showcase our granola with Kalona SuperNaturalTM organic yogurt,” says Michael Winnike, Slipstream Organics CEO. “Working alongside other local organic companies always produces a great camaraderie. We are happy to be able to provide healthy, organic snacks for the cyclists, to keep up their endurance.”  Mindy Seiffert, Kalona OrganicsTM  Director of Marketing adds, “This is a great opportunity to showcase Iowa-based organic agriculture and entrepreneurism to the thousands of RAGBRAI participants.”

You can find these yogurt parfaits as well as both Kalona OrganicsTM and Slipstream Organics alongside the RABGRAI route in the mornings for breakfast.

About Kalona Organics & Slipstream Organics

Kalona OrganicsTM is based in Kalona, Iowa, a small farming community in the heartland of America.  Kalona works with small, sustainable family farms to provide delicious organic dairy products from pasture-grazed cows. Their products are minimally processed so they can deliver dairy foods in the most natural state possible. Kalona OrganicsTM products can be found at select stores in your area.

Slipstream Organics is run by Heidi Weiser, a pastry chef from Colorado and Mike Winnike of Slipstream Cycling, a bike shop located in Fort Madison, Iowa. The goal at Slipstream Organics is to provide you and your family with healthy and delicious food choices. To support the environment and local economy by purchasing ingredients from local sources.