Raw Milk – You Can Find in a Retail Store

You love raw milk and its health benefits, but you can’t get raw milk where you live. Kalona SuperNatural milk is the closest thing to raw milk you can buy in retail stores.⁠

How is it “Almost Raw?”⁠

1. We do not “homogenize” our milk or any of our dairy products. ⁠

Homogenization involves smashing the cream into millions of pieces under up to 2,800 pounds of pressure per square inch, which pushes it throughout the rest of the milk. ⁠

The cream in our milk rises gently, naturally to the top. ⁠

People who try our milk for the first time either (a) exclaim that it reminds them of growing up on the farm, or (b) wonder if something is wrong with it because they are so used to commercial, conventional and even organic milk products that are almost all homogenized.⁠

2. We pasteurize our milk at the lowest temperature allowed by law.⁠

This is at about 145°F which our customers believe preserves the taste and natural structures of the milk making it better for their health and taste buds.⁠

Most other organic and conventional dairy companies completely sterilize their milk at 280° Fahrenheit!!! Then package it in antiseptic packaging.⁠

Many of these products then no longer need to be refrigerated. You could send them to Mars. They also can take on an overly-sugary taste and a slightly brownish color which is hidden by the packaging.⁠

3. Our organic milk that comes from grass-fed cows, pasture-grazed on small family farms. ⁠

Most of our farmers have used organic practices for decades. ⁠

They never use herbicides, pesticides, nitrogen based fertilizers, or GMOs. ⁠

(They don’t want to – and don’t need to – use vaccines because the living conditions of their animals in herds as small as 9 cows are so good.)⁠

Our store locator on our website will show you where you can get Almost Raw milk, chocolate milk, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, buttermilk, half and half, and whipping cream. ⁠

We make great yogurt, kefir, and french onion dip too!⁠