Happy Thanksgiving from Kalona SuperNatural

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we wish to express our gratitude to our “herd”—those individuals and organizations who support us to support you. We strive to honor your commitment to a healthy household and planet by working to bring you delicious, certified organic dairy products from pasture-grazed cows—but we don’t do this alone. 

Our Amish & Mennonite Farmers

Our farmers work hard each and every day to ensure they provide the best care for their animals and produce the highest quality milk for Kalona SuperNatural products.
They are unique and slow to change. They use traditional farming methods and equipment because they don’t want to lose sight of their family-focused lifestyle. We find this lifestyle admirable and are grateful to be a part of it.

Our Brand Advocates

This group consists of parents, foodies, athletes, and bloggers from across the US. Our advocates are fueled by a sense of purpose and have a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They share their experiences and stories of our products with you (not to mention recipes and barista art!). We are thankful for their willingness to share their journey with us.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are those who perform retail store demos. They love meeting all of you and talking about Kalona SuperNatural products. We have brand ambassadors located throughout the US.

Our Retailers

We can’t say enough about the amazing retailers we work with! They are committed to providing you and your family the very best food. We applaud our retailers and the people that work there, we couldn’t do it without all of you!

Our Team Members

Our team members work hard every day to deliver the most natural and nutritious organic dairy products on the market. From those who pick up the milk from the farm to our production line, quality analysts, marketing and sales team, and truck drivers—we all work together to ensure that small organic farmers can share their all natural, high-quality products.

And most of all… our herd (YOU)!

Our fans are the best! We appreciate your dedication to Kalona SuperNatural and love your feedback, comments, kudos, and loyalty. We couldn’t be successful without you. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and planet has allowed and will continue to allow us to support these small, organic dairy producers that are simply “doing things right.” We keep things simple, so you can too. Thank you!

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