We are #DairyProud: Celebrate National Dairy Month

We Are #DairyProud

June is National Dairy Month! Do you know where your milk comes from? Take a journey with us as we showcase the small, Amish and Mennonite farmers we work with and learn how we do dairy — better! Watch this video to see how our milk gets from the farm to the bottle. Are you dairy proud? We are. Share your photos, videos, and testimonials on social media using the #DairyProud hashtag.

How We Do Dairy — Better!

#dairyproud campaign organic cows on pasture

Organic, Pasture-Grazed Cows

Every Kalona SuperNatural product is USDA-certified organic. This means we have produced them with rigorous, national organic standards. Organic practices ensure the long-term health of life on our farms, your family, and the planet. The Amish & Mennonite organic dairy farmers we work with know that cows do best when they harvest their own feed from the pastures around them. Open pastures allow cows to engage in their natural behaviors.

Non-Homogenized — With a delicious cream top!

We leave the cream where it belongs–on top! This is because we don’t homogenize our milk. What can you expect? A layer of high-fat cream on the top of your milk! A sign of dairy in its most natural state, like our grandparents enjoyed! Learn more about homogenization.

Batch-Pasteurized at Low Temps

Our milk is batch-pasteurized at low temps. This is the original method of pasteurization seldom used in the 21st century. It destroys unwanted pathogens but keeps the helpful bacteria that our bodies need. Low-temperature pasteurization also preserves the great taste of farm-fresh milk!

Supports Midwest Family Farms

The Kalona SuperNatural journey starts on small Midwest Amish and Mennonite farms. These organic farms have an average herd of 35 cows and have been in the same family for over 150 years. Learn more about the farms we work with!

#dairyproud kid with Kalona SuperNatural milk

Only The Best for You and Your Family

Yes, there are a lot of options on the shelf, but we encourage you to choose better dairy. We understand your commitment to a healthy household and planet. That’s why we’re committed to providing the very best dairy for you and your family. You’ll taste the difference.

We keep things simple, so you can, too.

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