We Are #DairyProud Every Day!

Fall is a busy time of year in the Midwest. Harvest and final farm preparations are taking place before the harsh winter weather arrives. Right now, farmers everywhere are taking to the fields hoping this past growing season will produce a bountiful yield for crops and well-balanced soil. At Kalona SuperNaturaI, we’re just as busy, working every day with the 50 small-scale Amish and Mennonite organic dairy farmers within our farmer partnership. Many of the farmers we work with are 3rd generation dairy producers, and their traditional, old-school practices have been handed down from family to family, generation to generation. 

#DairyProud Organic dairy farmers in field with organic dairy cows

Great Farming Takes Time

We take our time. Our producers take time to care for the land where our animals live and feed. Our production team takes time to minimally process our organic, Non-GMO, dairy products. Unlike other large-scale dairies, we believe in taking an uncommon approach to creating high-quality dairy products. Shortcuts are not an option and we take measures to avoid the easy way. That’s why we use a low- temperature form of pasteurization and leave the cream where it belongs– on top! You can’t rush perfection, and our customers and fans can taste the difference in our products. 

Our cows aren’t rushed, hushed, or forced to eat mush – they are grass-fed, pasture-raised in the hills of Southeastern Iowa. We’re #DairyProud: from the way we raise our cows to the way we make our products in the community we serve. Our farmers’ legacies are the real stories behind our organic dairy products. Learn more about how our milk goes from the farm to the table in the video below.

Celebrating #DairyProud 

#DairyProud reinforces our mission to educate consumers on the positive environmental benefits of organic dairy farming. Animals play a key role in our small-scale holistic and regenerative farming operations by creating organic matter, consuming natural resources, and promoting biodiversity.  We honor and celebrate the family farmers who are regenerating soil health and fertility, while thoughtfully raising healthy, grass-fed cows. Their hard work provides delicious, clean, and nutrient-dense dairy products for our families while improving animal welfare and environmental health.

We embrace the various choices people have when it comes to milk and milk products. We encourage you to research the options and select brands that truly do dairy better, starting from the ground up. You’ll taste the difference.

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