Whipping Cream vs Heavy Cream: What’s the Difference?

whipping cream vs heavy cream

Which Cream to Use

When comparing whipping cream vs. heavy cream, the difference is in the percentage of fat. Each type of “cream” has a different use. Use the guide below to help you determine which product is right for the job! 

  • Half & Half
    Half and half is just that, half milk and half cream. With 10.5-18% milk fat, it’s commonly used in coffee or on cereal.
  • Light Cream
    Light Cream, or table cream, has anywhere from 18-30% fat. The most common is 20% milk fat. Light cream, used to make a lite whipped cream or as a light cream base to your coffee.
  • Whipping Cream
    With 30-36% milk fat, whipping cream is a great option to make any dish thicker and creamier. It also makes great homemade whipped cream! Note: The whipped cream won’t be as stiff, as it’s not a heavy cream.
  • Heavy Cream
    Heavy cream has 36-40% milk fat and is the richest cream. Just like whipping cream, it’s used to thicken sauces and soups.

Source: marthastewart.com; Different Uses for Cream

Delicious Cream Based Recipes

Cream has a variety of uses. It can make cakes more fluffy and soups more creamy. And don’t forget your morning coffee!

Check out our favorite cream-based recipes below!

Why Choose Kalona SuperNatural?

Here at Kalona SuperNatural, we do less–not more, when it comes to providing you with organic dairy. Our organic whipping cream is non-homogenized with no additives or stabilizers. It is also batch-pasteurized at a low temperatures, leaving a fresh farm taste. Looking for something a little lighter? Try our organic half and half.

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