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Mary Runs on Coffee

Hi, I’m Mary! Michigander, lover of coffee, the outdoors, and food that fuels me best.

I am a latecomer to the healthy living world, but I make up for it with a passion for how much the quality of the things you’re eating matters! Eating real, organic, whole foods has literally changed my life. I spend my days working in a reading program (k-3 graders) and love having the energy to keep up with my students.  

When I was first beginning my journey away from the Standard American Diet, reading labels was a terrifying experience! I remember spending thirty minutes in front of the yogurts, overwhelmed, trying to find one I could feel good about eating. When I found the Kalona SuperNatural one, I remember being so relieved, the ingredients were so simple and the phrase “cream top” sounded delicious. And it was!

It was the beginning of an obsession with a brand that takes the integrity of their products so seriously. The more I grow on this journey, the more I appreciate having brands like Kalona SuperNatural that I can reach for time and again. Whether it’s whipping up some heavy cream for my nieces, or grabbing cottage cheese for breakfast when I’m running out the door, or baking up a sour cream cake to have as a special dessert, I know that it’s going to be tasty and that it will fuel my body in the way I’ve found to work best.

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