Cottage Cheese and Watercress Spread by Chef Deborah Madison

Cottage Cheese and Watercress Dip

The peppery watercress spread is rather unusual!  Plus, it takes just a matter of minutes to make and is very refreshing.  For a twist, puree it in a food processor, perhaps adding extra watercress, and it will come out smooth and pale green. Using the whole curds of the cottage cheese is good, too. You can serve it as a dip, or spread it over crackers or toasted bread.

If using hydroponic watercress, cut off the bulk of it’s long stems, first. Wild watercress will have much thicker stems, which also need to be cut away from the leaves.

Watercress Spread Ingredients


Scrape the cottage cheese into a bowl. Stir in the chopped watercress along with a few spoonfuls of sour cream to taste. (The full fat cottage cheese may not need this.) Taste and season with salt. Pepper isn’t necessary because the watercress is rather peppery.

Serve surrounded with the extra cress leaves. Or spread over whole wheat toast and serve with little tomatoes, halved or quartered, as shown.