5 Protein-Packed Cottage Cheese Bowls

Cottage Cheese Bowls: Delicious, Simple & Beautiful Meals

Cottage cheese is a protein-packed food that provides essential nutrients including calcium, potassium, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and magnesium. These nutrients have many health benefits such as:

  • Reducing body fat and inflammation
  • Improving body composition
  • Relieving and preventing medical problems like muscle cramps or high blood pressure
  • Protecting the body’s immune system
  • Preventing heart attacks from occurring
  • Helping to relieve and prevent migraines
  • Correcting digestive systems and constipation*


On top of all that, cottage cheese is versatile. Enjoy it sweet or savory!

5 Protein-Packed Cottage Cheese Bowl Recipes

South Western Bowl

Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese
Pico de gallo
Black Beans

California Roll Bowl

Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese
Crab meat (real or imitation either works)

Protein Power Bowl

Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese
Hard-boiled Eggs
Cherry Tomatoes

Arugula Pear Bowl

Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese
Candied walnuts
Ripe or canned pears
Dried cranberries
Blue cheese crumbles

Berry Granola Breakfast Bowl

Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese

What Makes Kalona SuperNatural Cottage Cheese Different?

Cottage cheese began being made in country cottages using the simplest of ingredients. These ingredients include non-homogenized milk, cream, salt, and cultures. Here at Kalona SuperNatural, we are proud to follow this timeless tradition. Our cottage cheese has a memorable pure texture and full cheese flavor.

We start with organic milk from grass-fed cows on sustainable family farms in the Midwest. Once the milk is pasteurized at a low temperature, enzymes are added to begin the curd-making process. Over four to five hours, the curds continue to form inside the cheese vat.

The whey is then removed and the curds are then cut, cooled, and moved to a new vat. Finally, the cottage cheese dressing is added. Our dressing is a blend of nonfat milk, cream, and Celtic Sea Salt®.

Kalona SuperNatural™ cottage cheese is non-homogenized. This is why you’ll find a fresh, cream layer on top. All you have to do is stir and enjoy!

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