Eating Organic On a Budget

If you’re on a budget, eating organic may take some planning but it is worth the effort! Learn more about organic food standards. Start by thinking carefully about which foods you want to buy organic. Then, focus on the best possible deals on those foods. Here are 7 tips from the  Simplify, Live, Love blog on how to eat organic without breaking the bank!

organic on a budget

Choosing Organic

The following tips for eating organic foods without breaking the bank are simple, though they require effort. If you want it, then make it happen!

  1. Grow a garden. This can be a full outdoor garden, or simply herbs in your kitchen.
  2. Reduce your portions of meat. Eating organic meat is important, but it’s expensive. Add beans, mushrooms, or veggies to use less meat.
  3. Cook from scratch! You know what’s in the food your making for your family, even it’s more work.
  4. Cook in bulk and have to-go meals in the freezer for busy days.
  5. Keep a well-stocked kitchen so you always have what you need.
  6. Invest in quality kitchen tools. Cooking is easier if you have the right tools. Remember, good quality tools sometimes cost more, but they last longer.
  7. Prioritize organic foods. While it would be great to only buy organic, that’s sometimes impossible.