Holiday Whipped Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This Whipped Pumpkin Pie Recipe is easy and delicious! Using Kalona SuperNatural Yogurt and Whipping Cream, along with fresh pumpkin, Hailey created a decadent dessert that will please any holiday crowd!

Whipped Pumpkin Pie Crust & Filling Ingredients:

Whipped Topping Ingredients:

Whipped Pumpkin Pie Directions:

  1. Whisk together yogurt, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, powdered sugar and vanilla.
  2. Gently pour into the bottom of the homemade graham cracker piecrust.
  3. Let this layer set for at least 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.
  4. In the meantime, add the whipping cream, vanilla and powdered sugar to a medium bowl. Chilled glass or stainless steel bowls works best!
  5. Mix with a hand mixer on medium-high speed for about 4-5 minutes until mixture forms together and has soft peaks.
  6. Take the crust and filling out of the refrigerator. Gently put the whipped layer on top of the pumpkin layer, careful not to blend the two.
  7. Let set for at least a half hour in the fridge.