Supporting Sustainability: Kalona SuperNatural Donates to Bottle Caps for Benches

bottle caps for benches

Our Donation to Bottle Caps for Benches

Kalona SuperNatural recently made a donation of 79 cases of bottle caps to the Smoky Mountain chapter of CISV International (formally Children’s Summer Villages International) for Bottle Caps for Benches. After going through a melting process, The picnic tables were created and donated to Pond Gap Elementary School in Knoxville, TN. The students and teachers now have enough space to enjoy lunch outside!

Committing to Sustainability

The picnic tables were made by Green Tree Plastics, which creates manufactured plastic products completely from recycled plastics, without the use of hazardous chemicals!

HDPE, plastic commonly used for household items, can be melted down then molded to form various products like sturdy furniture and faux lumber for decks. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only 30% of recyclable packaging waste is actually recycled.  We are committed to being a leader in the field of sustainability by projects like Bottle Caps for Benches.


Investing in the Future

Open Gates Group, our family of companies, prioritizes environmental improvements in the community. The family’s foundation, The Fountain Charitable Foundation, has an extensive past of supporting various community organizations and events. Our employees have the opportunity to invest by choosing to put a percentage of their paychecks towards the foundation.

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