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Launched April 9, 2015

Our Fencing Fields Kickstarter will increase the supply of certified organic, grass-fed milk by offering a custom grazing program to Kalona’s Amish and Mennonitedairy farmers. This program will allow the farmers to increase the size of their herds. This will provide access to fenced, organic grazing pasture at Marilyn Farms. The increased availability of organic milk will allow Farmers Creamery to produce more delicious Kalona SuperNatural™ products!

Marilyn Farms has 600 acres of organic pasture available for local Kalona dairy farmers to graze their cows. In order for these farmers to partner with Marilyn Farms and use the land, it must be fenced. The Kickstarter campaign will raise money to install fencing at Marilyn Farms creating custom grazing pasture for organic dairy cows. Both mature, milk-producing cows and young heifers that cannot yet be milked are currently being grazed on these local Amish and Mennonite farms. USDA organic regulations stipulate specific amounts of pasture, per animal, per year. By fencing the fields at Marilyn farms, local dairymen would be able to graze their non-producing heifers off-site during the growing season. This would leave more room for mature, milk-producing dairy cows on their farms, resulting in an increase supply of organic milk that will be used to produce more Kalona SuperNatural products. According to a Bloomberg Business report, sales of organic milk increased 9.5% in 2014. More specifically, demand for minimally-processed Kalona SuperNatural products is up over 40%. The Fencing Fields Kickstarter campaign will help Farmers Creamery and the Kalona SuperNatural brand meet the consumer demand by getting more products in our retail outlets.



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