Same Great Product, New Look

Kalona SuperNatural Releases Refreshed Labels

New Labels Highlight Transparency & Quality

organic whole milk

We are excited to announce that over the next several months we will be releasing refreshed labels. After hosting several focus groups, we’ve heard your feedback. We believe our new label design better explains who we are, what makes our products different from other organic brands, and where they come from. We’ve made the product names easier to identify, simplified the main attributes, and moved our certification seals to the front panel.

For example, based on consumer feedback, we’ve changed the following:

  • Grass-fed to pasture grazed. Based on the traditional farming practices of our Amish and Mennonite farmers, consumers felt that pasture grazed more accurately reflects our cows’ access to pasture.
  • Positioned ‘cream top’ and ‘non-homogenized’ together on the package. Many consumers are confused about dairy terminology. Although, both of these phrases mean the same thing, many consumers are unaware. Our hope is by placing them next to each other at the top of the image on the label, consumers will understand the meanings are equal.

Rest assured, they are the same great products, with a new look!

2% Reduced Fat Milk

Our 2% labels are now green instead of pink. After receiving consumer feedback that pink was too close to our red whole milk labels, we decided to make these green!


Cream Top Yogurt Labels

Our yogurt labels have been refreshed to make the flavors easier to identify. Is our yogurt merchandised on the bottom shelf at the store you shop at? Now our flavors are identified on the lids! We also updated the product names to ‘Whole Milk’ and ‘Lowfat’ so they were easier to identify. 


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