Spring Pasture in Kalona, Iowa | Phil in the Fields

Spring Pasture Update from Phil in the Fields

Kalona SuperNatural’s farm liaison, Phil Forbes, was on David M. Miller’s farm recently to see the cows on the spring pasture for the first time this year.

This year in Iowa, we had snow in April which is unheard of. That of course delayed our spring a bit. Now we have grass growing and the cows are loving being out on the fresh spring pasture!

Organic cows on fresh spring pasture

What else do we see on the farms this time of year? Calves!

Spring definitely means ‘new life’ on the farms we work with! In fact, on this particular farm, all the calves names started with the letter ‘M’. Like the M in David M. Miller’s name!

As we have mentioned before in previous videos, May and early June are what we call the “Spring Flush.” The grass is growing, cows are grazing, and milk is flowing in large amounts. It’s a great time of year!

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