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Fresh Cheesemaking Kit – Ricotta & Burrata

Our Fresh Cheesemaking Kits make it simple for you to make fresh Burrata, Mascarpone, Mozzarella and Ricotta at home. These cheeses are best when made with our non-homogenized, batch-pasteurized whole milk and whipping cream. Each kit makes eight 1.5 – 2 pound batches!

There is nothing better than knowing where your food comes from and how it is made. These cheesemaking kits are a great way for you, your family, and friends to make your own food together!

We keep things simple. So you can too.

Ingredients: Anhydrous citric acid (acid from the fermentation and crystallization of fruit sucrose), pure salt, vegetarian rennet tablets (microbial coagulant [mucur pusillus and/or mucur miehie], cellulose microcrystaline, and sodium chloride USP).

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We honor your commitment to a healthy household and planet. We’ve partnered with Urban Cheesecraft to bring you these complete ricotta & burrata cheese kits. You can think of it like this, Urban Cheesecraft provides the cheesemaking expertise and Kalona SuperNatural® takes care of the milk and cream!

A note from the cheese experts at Urban Cheesecraft:

Not all milk is created equal! When choosing milk for your cheesemaking adventure, be sure to choose the most minimally-processed milk you can find. Organic milk is generally the best option when making cheese. The key is choosing a milk that is not ultra-pasteurized. Unfortunately, many organic brands practice ultra-pasteurization, so their milk can travel great distances and have a long shelf life. Ultra-pasteurization alters the structure of the milk. Kalona SuperNatural milk and whipping cream are great options for cheesemaking. They come from Kalona, Iowa—a small Amish and Mennonite farming community in the heartland of America. It is organic, non-homogenized (meaning you can expect to see cream on top) and batch (or vat) pasteurized at low temperatures. It is the perfect choice for cheesemaking!

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Burrata & Ricotta, Mozzarella & Mascarpone


  1. Amazon Customer

    I got this as a gift for a family member. They said the process was clearly explained, and the whole experience was a lot of fun! The cheese tasted just like it was supposed to, and one batch made a lot. I’m looking forward to trying one of these kits myself!

  2. Brenda Wernsing

    I really liked how the cheese formed right in front of your eyes. Also, the instructions were laid out well and easy to follow for this cheese newbie. The flavor of the mozzarella was great! This kit makes 8 batches of mozzarella but you don’t have to do it all at one time, thank goodness. Unless you want to. I used the Kalona whole milk which, I admit, has a very clean, fresh, better taste than the usual milk I buy. I think that helped the cheese have the flavor it did.

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