Why Make Cheese at Home?

cheese at home

Why make cheese at home?

Because it’s easy, fresh and made with clean ingredients! Making cheese at home doesn’t have to be difficult. With our cheese kits, you will be able to easily make cheese from the comfort of your own kitchen. Soon, you’ll be able to whip up 8 batches of delicious cheese for any recipe!

What Tools and Ingredients are Needed

In each Kalona SuperNatural cheese kit, you’ll find a thermometer, cheese salt, rennet tablets, cheesecloth and a coupon for milk or cream. Simply get your pan, spoon, and strainer ready for making delicious cheese at home!

cheese at home

Is cheese making kid-friendly?

Yes! Get your kids involved with an exciting cheese-making adventure! Your kids will love reading the step-by-step instructions, made simple with illustrations. Their curious minds will love watching milk form the curd. Plus, they will love tasting something they’ve created!

Fun and Delicious Cheese Recipes

Try these delicious recipes with your homemade cheese.

Choose Kalona SuperNatural Dairy for Cheese-Making Adventure

Kalona SuperNatural’s milk and cream is non-homogenized and pasteurized at a low temperature. Making it perfect for cheese at home! Find our Kalona SuperNatural dairy near you.

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